Day to day on a jobsite, we know safety is important. But it’s easy to get caught up in the regulations and forget the human element. When the day is done, many of our employees go home to families they support—people counting on them. They have mouths to feed and college to fund. They have others to care for and mortgages to fulfill. Safety is more than meeting OSHA standards. It is remembering that our people are not just OUR people.

We aggressively approach safety with concern for the well being of our team and our role in making sure Pence people return to THEIR people each night. From regular safety meetings to constant training, our team is focused on safety for the jobsite and the long haul.

Pence has received the OSHA SHARP award consecutively since 2010 and graduated from the program in 2015. SHARP recognizes employers who operate an exemplary injury and illness prevention program.

LCG PENCE Safety Manual


“At Pence we are dedicated to a safety program that exceeds the Oregon OSHA standards and provides a
continuous improvement strategy for safety on all of our sites.
Our successful safety program does not happen by accident, but as a result of our company culture.”

Industry Recognition


Our commitment to safety was recognized in 2010 when we entered the OSHA SHARP program and earned our first Oregon OSHA SHARP Award.  The decision to pursue this program is a testament to our desire to grow, continuously improve and be self-sufficient when it comes to managing the occupational health and safety of our job-sites and employees.  Pence passed its 5 year evaluation period in 2014 and become an OR-OSHA SHARP program graduate.



“SHARP recognizes business employers who operate an exemplary injury and illness prevention program. Acceptance of your work-site into SHARP from OSHA is an achievement of status that singles you out among your business peers as a model for work-site safety and health.”
– SHARP, an OSHA Cooperative Program



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“Our project included the expansion of the current school on four sides while the school was fully occupied. The disruption to staff and students was minimal, and more importantly our students’ safety was always the number one priority. I give them my highest recommendation.”

Craig R. | Superintendent Silver Falls School District | Silver Falls SD

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